When you are a published author from SoGo Creation, it means you can sell your book anywhere in the world. We get you an International Standard Book Number and your bar code. The ISBN is public record and it’s attached to you, the author and your book. No one in the world has your ISBN! We also submit your name and your book title to The Library of Congress. In return you will receive your very own Library Of Congress Control Number which will be in your book. Now your book is in the national data base of all the libraries in the country. Go ahead, donate your book to your local library!

We don’t want to keep any of your rights. Those rights are yours, you earned them! Not like other publishers who share in your profits, we publish you with no ties. All the profits are yours to keep!

Being published is like having a glorified business card. Think about that impression you can make when meeting someone and handing them your book-they’ll never forget you with that first impression! It gives you credibility when you’re a published author.

Check it off your bucket list. Published check!

If you are heading to college, think about how you’ll shine on your application when you share that you are a published author! You’re one step ahead of your competition.

And if you are a young child and published, what is better than sharing your book with all of your friends and family. Start a business and sell your book on Amazon!

To be published has endless benefits. What are you waiting for? We make it easy and fun. Life’s too short to have regrets. There’s no looking back with “should haves.” The time is now, Write Now!

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